Tarmac Cleaning.

JettaClean Will not only jet wash Tarmac Domestic-Commercial driveways but we can also carry out small repairs and transform the surface using a specially formulated restoration process as well.

We will pressure clean the tarmac first, and once the surface is dry we can then apply an excellent tarmac restorer from SmartSeal. This new product will replace any lost resins in the surface, re-colour the tarmac and make it look like new. This avoids the need for any expensive replacement of the driveway.

Advantages of tarmac being restored are:

Protects against normal wear and tear.
Enable’s easy removal of oil leaks and fuel spillages.
Resists fungicidal, moss and algae growths.
Prevents cracks appearing.
Long term protection, reduces future tarmac repair.
Water Proofs, re-colours and protects.
Comes in black, red or green.
can be applied all year round.

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