Super heated stone cleaning system

Is highly effective and gentle cleaning and restoration equipment for all historical or conservation projects. The cleaning of Bath, York, Portland stones and also sandstone cleaning and all masonry brickwork.

ThermaTech system is used to clean all stone and brick surfaces removing years of atmospheric deposits without damaging the host material. It can be used at very low pressure with high temperature of up to 150°C to remove all the surface contaminants.

Things the super heated ThermaTech cleaning system can be used for?

  • To safely remove all ingrained surface contaminates and stained or ground in deposits of airborne pollutants from.
  • Cleaning all masonry surfaces including marble.
  • Restoring masonry and brick cleaning.
  • Remove light calcium staining.
  • Remove some paints and most graffiti.
  • Remove bitumen and wax coatings.
  • Kill and remove moss ,fungi and algae.
  • Fire damage residues.
  • Cleaning all metals including aluminium.
  • Roof cleaning and bird fouling.
  • Commercial cladding cleaning.

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