Horse Stables Cleaning.

Horse Stable Cleaning in Marlborough and surrounding areas is a very important part in keep a horse in good heath is protecting your horse from parasites and foot problems.
After the stables have be mucked out JettaClean can get to work cleaning your walls and floor.
JettaClean offer a cold water high pressure cleaning service with a extra low pressure high temp steam cleaning service up to 150 Celsius to kill any parasites.

After cleaning stable floor and walls is complete we will use industrial vacuum cleaner to removal remaining water from stable floor to help with the drying time. We can also jet wash stable floor rubber mats if required.

JettaClean vehicles carry 700 liters of water on-board see we can pressure clean anywhere.

Give JettaClean a call on 01793 722141 or 07584 575407 or use the button below.